Let us be your real estate compass, and we’ll point you in the right direction

The Right Direction Group was established by a husband and wife team that believes in faith, planning, passion, and discipline to reach goals. We work to transfer that energy to like-minded individuals who are looking for guidance in not only Real Estate matters but looking to better themselves on a deeper level with in-house Life Coaching by Danielle Johnson. As owner/entrepreneurs Danielle and I have taken the leap of faith by establishing the company after finding ourselves first-time homeowners a few years back. We tapped into another level of thinking, focusing on what wealth building could look like for us and our three children. We both come from backgrounds where surviving financially meant thinking short-term. We live life now with the understanding that wealth is not only built with real estate but also framed with a growth mindset. We strive to be sought-after professionals that have a proven reputation of helping individuals in multiple aspects of life.

Jason Johnson - The Right Direction Group